Friday, 17 December 2010

Oh, 1 week

Christmas getting closer. Woo-hoo. Well, approximately 1 week longer Christmas will coming. And I can't hardly wait for that holy day. I don't know why I always excited every time Christmas comes. I love all of the Christmas stuff like:

1. Santa Hat

Is it cool? Yes, everybody wear this simple thing for celebrate Christmas. The Red White Hat. Santa did it for the first time thats why it's called Santa Hat. Ow, it's just too cute. You like wearing, too?

2. Christmas tree

Taa-daa. Here it is. The brightest tree ever. It doesn't bright as a light, but it brings the brightest happiness for everyone who seeing it. I love the mini cute one.

3. Trumpets

Yeah, everybody must to know these things. I get them every year. "Toett..toett..toeet" is its sound. Each time it's blown, it can makes the situation become glorious. It's exist on night, anyway.

...It might be continue. I'm stuck.