Monday, 4 July 2011

Epic Fact, Coca Cola.

So, I found some epic facts from here when I'm surfing the internet. And I'm stoked by the epic fact, which is The Making Of Coca Cola Neon Sign since 1954, t0 post on my blog. I have always loved Coca-Cola. I used to have their card collectibles and there were vintage ads like this. I saw a nice comparison of Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi brand logos and I found out that Pepsi have changed their logo for a number of times while Coca-Cola only had one. Its impressive to know how long they have kept their brand promise.

One of the first images in the book replicates the drawn plan for the neon sign:

The manufacture of the sign is also recorded – here, spray-painting the letters:

The sign begins to take shape on Piccadilly Circus:

The final image in the book, the only one in colour, shows the sign lit-up:

This is fantastic work though, I wonder what the price of something like this was...