Thursday, 1 December 2011


I'm 17, today. Well, welcome to my 17-year-old self...

When we’re younger, we spend so much time wanting to be older and when we’re older, we spend an indecent amount of time wanting to be a teenager again. And one of the things I wished I did? Slowed down, slowed down and allowed myself to enjoy the greatness that turning seventeen is.

Seventeen is weird years, in my own perspective, because you're old enough to know what you want. You’ve got a lot of big decisions coming up, where to go to college, what to study, what career path you follow. You know what you want, what will make you happy, what you need. The problem is, unless your plan matches their plan, the people in charge of getting you to adulthood usually won't let you do it. You're not allowed to make your own decisions. Sixteen and seventeen are the years you learn to fight for what you want and who you'll be and right around the corner is eighteen where you get to be that person. When no one can stop you. Turning seventeen is a truly a new chapter in teenagers’ life and I think that’s why we often choose that age for our characters. They said, seventeen is that that final deep breath before taking on the adult world. Will your future be awesome or sucky? Some days you think you own the world. Other days, not so much. That’s the basis for great story. A character taking on life while learning who he or she really is.

So when you turn seventeen? Have fun. This is a cliché saying, but a true one: You only turn seventeen once.

1. It's gonna be hard to celebrate my sweet seventeen without my beloved grandpa. Oh God, why so soon.
2. It's World AIDS Day, apparently.